Sole Mates Blue (netball umpires & corporate)


Unisex, Size 5-12

Read The Play have partnered with Steigen to produce the Sole Mates Netball and Football socks. Steigen socks are an accessory for comfort – the less you feel them the better.
Steigen Netball socks are super thin, made of nylon lycra and do not hold a lot of moisture like other socks.
The football socks are purposely made with a double layer, the inner layer is a carbon copy of the nylon lycra sock with the outer layer is made from cotton, nylon and lycra to provide extra cushioning and a warmer comfort purposely made for impact sports such as football.
They are both designed to create an environment in which blisters are less likely to form and are a superior sock which fits the foot like a second skin.

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